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Malegra FXT

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Last Updated on February 2, 2024
Active-IngredientSildenafil Citrate/Fluoxetine
ManufacturerSunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
Packaging10 Tablets in Strip
Delivery Time6 To 15 days

What Is Malegra FXT?

Malegra FXT is a perfect combination of two different medicines merged as a new brand. Malegra FXT pills are capable of curing two entirely different types of male sexual problems. One of the issues curable with the use of such a medicine is known as ED or erectile dysfunction, which is the lagging of a strong and hard erection in the patient.

The other sexual issue curable with the use of the pills is premature ejaculation where males would end up ejaculation unexpectedly and much too soon.

With the Malegra FXT pills, you may able to relieve the symptoms of both these disorders attaining a perfect sexual session.

How To Use Malegra Fxt?

To use Malegra FXT pills a few things must be noted previously. First is that this is a prescription medicine so to buy and use the pill you need a consultation from the online website Hotmedicineshop. The next thing for patients to know about is the safety measures you will have to follow some dosage instructions and guidelines while using the Malegra FXT pills. also, you need to know of a specific tenure for which the use of the Malegra FXT pills doesn’t have any side effects. Use the Malegra FXT pills depending on all such guidance given by the doctors.

What Are The Benefits Of Malegra FXT?

As you can understand it is quite beneficial to use a single medicine such as Malegra FXT instead of having to use two separate brands. this also means a reduction in the amount you spend on buying the pills. of course, it is much costlier to buy two different brands rather than one brand itself.

Moreover, the use of the pills also prevents mental distress and complexion as you don’t have to follow two different dosage instructions and schedules, and two different precautional guidelines as all of them are merged in the same prescription of Malegra FXT.

The Directions For Use Are As Followed:

When taking the Malegra FXT pills you will need to comply with taking only a single medicine for daily use. remember that while taking in you need to adopt a swallowing method of intake only. Do not resort to chewing or dissolving the medicine since it may diminish the actions of the pill after all. We also recommend you to be in a light or preferably on an empty stomach to have the Malegra FXT pills.

Side Effects Of Malegra FXT

The side effects of the Malegra FXT pills can only include mild issues such as headache, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps, palpitations, dryness in the mouth, flushing, and so on.

Even then it is also possible that you may have some severe side effects although these have much less chance of occurring such as having chest pain, drop in blood pressure, lower libido, and priapism.

Dosage Of Malegra FXT

  • Containing in each pill of Malegra FXT is a substance known as Sildenafil that helps provide a strong erection overcoming the barriers of ED. Its dose in each pill is fixed at Malegra 100 mg.
  • There is the presence of another element known as Fluoxetine which prevents premature ejaculation. And its dose is also fixed at Malegra 50 mg per medicine.
  • For such a combined dose of two different generic substances, it is only safe to use the pills not more than once daily.


The situation of an overdose results either when the patient deliberately tries to use more than one medicine or if the concentration of either generic ingredients present in the pills is more than what they can tolerate.

Miss Dose

Since you have both ED and premature ejaculation to have satisfactions through sex you need to administer the use of Malegra pills and cannot miss taking your pills on time.

A Guide To Safety

Although the guidance on safety is given by the doctors, you will need to follow the things mentioned below.


AlcoholCAUTIONAlcohol is a severely contraindicating ingredient with the presence of both Sildenafil and Fluoxetine. It can bring outside effects much too soon.

PregnancyCAUTIONBeing pregnant you don’t even belong to the right sex category to use the pills.

BreastfeedingCAUTIONAny mother who is breastfeeding her children will need to avoid using Malegra FXT since it acts only as a male sexual issue-curing medicine.

DrivingCAUTIONWith issues of side effects such as headache, dizziness, and nausea being reported far too often you must not drive after pill intake.

LiverCAUTIONLong-term use of pills is possibly not good for the health of those already having a pre-existing liver disorder.

KidneyCAUTIONPre-existing kidney disorders can worsen with the use of the pills.

ChildrenCAUTIONBeing a child you have not attained the minimum age of 18 years or more to use the Malegra FXT pills.

Interactions With Medicines

Confirm from your doctor if your existing set of medicines does not interact with the use of Malegra FXT or else if they do then you need to avoid using them.

Precautions And Warning

Be cautious that the use of the Malegra FXT pills requires you to follow several guidelines concerning your daily intake amounts and limitations on the use of certain substances such as medicines, or even addictive substances such as cocaine and alcohol.


Storage for the Malegra FXT pills is only safe at a normal room temperature-alike condition where it isn’t too hot or neither too cold. Moreover, the humidity levels of the place have to be preferably lower too.

Frequnetaly Asked Questions Ask New Question
Can I have a meal immediately before Malegra FXT?

Yes, you can have a normal meal as you would on other days after using Malegra FXT pills.

Is intake of caffeine safe with Malegra FXT?

Caffeine does not contraindicate the action of the Malegra FXT pills and hence it is likely safe for intake.

Do I need to change my diet in any way when using Malegra FXT?

No, the use of the Malegra FXT pills does not generally need any havoc changes in your current diet.

How long is it possible to experience the effects of Malegra FXT pills?

The pills are effective for a maximum period of 5 to 7 hours depending on the capability to sustain the effects inside the patient.

Having repeated but mild side effects what to do?

Mild side effects occurring in repetition may be cured if you reduce the amount of daily dose or frequency of use.

What if I suffer from severe side effects?

Generally, if the side effects are occurring with severe intensities you may need to void taking your dose any further and immediately go on a doctor’s visit.

Are the Malegra FXT pills approved form the FDA?

Yes, both the generic components present in the pills that is Sildenafil and Fluoxetine have been approved form the FDA.