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Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20

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Last Updated on September 13, 2023
ManufacturerBrinton Pharmaceuticals
Packaging20gm in 1 Tube
StrengthU.S.P. 20
Delivery Time6 To 15 days

What is Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20?

Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20 is a topical ointment or gel that can help people treat their vitiligo issues. If you have normal skin but it has too much presence of pigmentation on it that is the ideal time when you need to use the Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20.

Remember that the generic ingredient in the Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20 is Monobenzone. It helps in depigmentation of your skin gradually so that you can avoid excessive formation of pigments in your skin.

Ideally, the cream and its use need the recommendation of a doctor. So, if you are suffering from hyperpigmentation issues in your skin and from vitiligo disorder, ask a doctor whether you are safe enough to use this cream.

How To Use Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20?

Geneally a patient will have to simply apply the cream on the pigmentation areas on the skin. Make sure to apply it only on parts of your external skin. Do not forget that this medicine is not for use in internal skin as doing so may cause other side effects of the drug to appear.

What Are The Benefits of Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20?

Of course, the primary benefit of the Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20 cream is that it can gradually relieve a person who is facing pigmentation issues on their skin. The use of the cream can help even out the tone of the Skin Care everywhere.

The Directions For Use Are As Followed:

When it is time for you to use the cream just ensure to take out a small portion of the cream and apply it evenly on the pigmented skin areas. Remember that you do not have to apply it all over your body unless you have pigmentation present throughout your body.

Just apply the cream on the vitiligo areas. Remember that during the application you need to make use of your index finger and other fingers and ideally your hands should be washed and sanitized before using the cream. You can buy this Cream online from This is a trusted online site and our service is available all over the world. 

Side Effects of Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20

Usually, some side effects may initially appear. But if they become regular it is time for you to get a consultation from the doctors.

Most of the side effects of the Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20 are mild ones only and include rashes, irritation, inflammation, itching, burning, and swelling on the applied regions.


It is safe for you to store the medicine outside at the normal temperature but ensure it’s not more than 30 degrees Celsius. Also, avoid a too humid environment as the cream may turn watery. Ensure to find a place that is out of reach for your children at home.


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Frequnetaly Asked Questions Ask New Question
What is monobenzone Cream 20 used for?

It is used for a skin disorder known as vitiligo which causes the formation of pigments in your skin.

What is the generic name for monobenzone cream?

The generic compound and hence the name for the Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20 is monobenzone.

Can I Depigment my skin?

Yes, it is possible to use the Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20 to depigment your skin.

How can I lighten my skin fast?

Generally one of the fastest ways is to make use of the Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20.

How can I lighten my dark skin naturally and permanently?

Just keep applying the Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20 cream as long as the doctors have suggested as per their dosage recommendations. You should be able to see changes within a few weeks.

Where do you apply monobenzone?

Apply it only on the areas that are pigmented.

What is the difference between hydroquinone and monobenzone?

See, both the generic elements are used in the treatment of hyperpigmentation and vitiligo skin disease.

What is the formula for monobenzone cream?

Monobenzone Cream U.S.P. 20 contains Monobenzone.

How does monobenzone cream work?

Monobenzone cream can reduce the formation of pigments in your skin by making epidermal hormonal changes.