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Tretiheal 0.05 Cream

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Last Updated on February 2, 2024
ManufacturerHealing Pharma, India
Packaging20gm in 1 Tube
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What Is Tretiheal 0.05 Cream?

Tretiheal 0.05 Cream is an external use cream ointment that is used in the process of curing acne and its removal. For those of you who are currently frustrated due to acne issues on your face, can try out this ointment and surely you will find some positive results this time.

Tretiheal 0.05 Cream is a specific dose of the drug substance Tretinoin. Tretinoin is a drug substance, a form of lab-derived compound of Vitamin D that cures acne.

The process of working for the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream only takes gradual effects and thus you will need to keep on applying the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream daily to get the best benefits.

Remember that the use of the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream also needs a prescription since it contains the generic substance Tretinoin in it. The regular use of Tretiheal 0.05 Cream allows you to prevent the secretion of too much oil from your face and thus eventually gets rid of the painful acne and the reddish-colored swellings in your face and the skin care.

How To Use Tretiheal 0.05 Cream?

Tretiheal 0.05 Cream To use the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream first visit the doctor. this is necessary for two reasons. At first, you will need to figure out the right amount of the cream to be applied each time. And the next thing is how frequently to use the cream. Both these recommendations will be given by the doctors to you depending on how severe your acne issues, are your age, and overall health. The doctors may recommend you reduce excess oily foods, prevent intake of too much alcohol, and avoid the use of certain makeup and beauty creams.

What Are The Benefits Of Tretiheal 0.05 Cream?

Tretiheal 0.05 Cream Having pimples and acne can be a terrific problem. At l, least for those who are suffering they know just how painful and how much irritation and burning sensations the acne and pimples cause. Moreover, they also reduce the facial beauty.

  • But you can recover from all these issues using the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream. This cream can help in faster reduction and complete removal of acne from your face.
  • Along with this it also has the added benefit of making your skin softer and smoother since the generic substance is a form of a lab-derived version of the substance Vitamin E.

The Directions For Use Are As Followed:

When you have to apply the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream the general guideline is to remove any form of beauty and makeup and also wash your face. Now, only take a small amount of the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream on your index finger and evenly apply it to the affected regions.

Remember that you will need to keep Tretiheal 0.05 Cream using the cream frequently as much as the doctors have advised you to.

Side Effects Of Tretiheal 0.05 Cream

None of the side effects of the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream are that severe. At most, they may occur initially when you are using the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream for the first few days when you may suffer from a bit of itching, rashes, or burning issues. Usually, these side effects will go away with time as your body keeps adjusting to the medicinal substance.

But if you are seeing intense rashes, severe burning, skin darkening, or skin peeling issues you may wish to get in touch with the doctors again.


Storage for the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream pills needs only a normal room temperature place. Avoid storing in places that are too hot or humid or else the gel will gain moisture from the atmosphere turning watery.


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Frequnetaly Asked Questions Ask New Question
Can Tretiheal 0.05 Cream make me brighter?

Possibly yes, since the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream contains a form of derived Vitamin D substance, it could make you brighter and your skin softer and smoother.

How does Tretiheal 0.05 Cream work?

Tretiheal 0.05 Cream that contains tretinoin will reduce the excess oil secretion within the facial pores. Eventually, on regular use, it generally cures the acne.

Can I use Tretiheal 0.05 Cream more than once?

Yes, at times when the issues of acne and pimples become too severe the doctors could recommend the use of the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream for up to 2 or 3 times a day.

Is the use of Tretiheal 0.05 Cream good for pregnant mothers?

If you are pregnant inform the doctors before the recommendation of the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream. Consult about any possible extra precaution measures that the doctors suggest to use this cream.

Is there any interaction of the cream with alcohol?

No, there are possibly no interactions of this external use of facial cream with alcohol known to the scientists to date.

Is it safe to use Tretiheal 0.05 Cream when my skin is too sensitive?

Usually, if you have highly sensitive skin, it is better to consult with the doctors and get a proper suggestion from them.