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Top 10 Tips To Avoid Daytime Sleepiness (Hypersomnia)

Last Updated on February 27, 2024 Published By  Henry James On 2023-08-08

Daytime sleepiness can be a big issue considering that patients here have to suffer from drowsiness and sleepiness along with hallucinations even at the time of day that is during the broad daylight hours.

But of course, there are ways that you can ensure to overcome such issues as well. In this article, we are going to give you ideas on various ways in which you can get over your sleepiness tendencies.

You have the potential to recover from such daytime sleepiness issues just with the right diet and lifestyle process apart from administering medicines to let you remain awake such as Waklert 150.

How to Avoid Daytime Sleepiness

Avoiding daytime sleepiness may crop up due to several reasons. You have to understand the reasons if you want to cure them. So, feeling sleepy issues in the daytime can be obvious for someone who is not able to sleep properly at night probably due to insomnia issues. Other than this alcoholic tendencies or severe drug tendencies may also make you high which again causes you to feel drowsy during the daytime.

Other than this obesity can be one of the issues why patients feel tired, or lack alertness during the daytime. Even being restrained to a room and not receiving enough sunlight may cause you to feel sleepy throughout the day.

Now, if you have got an idea about some of the reasons for hypersomnia let us begin to explore the remedial means one by one.

Drink caffeine

Caffeine is one of the best ingredients for provoking alertness and energy with its high carbohydrate content. Doctors say that caffeine’s activation inside your body allows it to work as a brain stimulant causing you to stay mentally sharp and focused.

You may drink coffee but remember that as an adult it may be slightly risky to drink more coffee than 300 mg of daily caffeine intake.

Eat a snack

Are you feeling fatigued? Maybe a quick snack can help activate your mind. Doctors say that taking in a snack can help your mind to stimulate some hormones of mental satisfaction due to which you can overcome sleepiness issues during the day time. other than this snacks can also provide you with instant energy to feel more alert and awake.

Take naps

It could be true that your night’s sleep is not enough. Yes, several patients may feel drowsy or asleep, especially during the late noon or afternoon hours of the day. it is better to have yourself some amount of sleep during this time to refresh your mood.

Researchers suggest that rather than being awake forcefully it is better to take a quick nap of half an hour and rather wake up with a much better focused and active mood to disallow any further issues with sleep during the late noon hours.


One of the best cures for feeling sleepy is quick physical activities or exercises. If you feel like you are gradually getting prone to sleep and feeling tired from the inside it is better to do some quick lunges, a bit of running, or jogging to ensure that your mood is lifted back into activation state yet again.

Exercising promotes blood flow supply to the brain and also activates the secretion of hormones such as noradrenaline and serotonin which makes you much more alert.

Get some sunlight

If you are feeling sleepy it may be just because of the environment especially if you are in a dark room with little sunlight coming in. Rather if you are feeling drowsy we recommend you to be outside such as on your balcony or terrace for a few minutes to get some fresh sunlight and this may just help lift your mood.

Stay away from smoking and too much alcohol

Stay away from any form of addictive substance use. Alcoholic or smoking issues may cause you to become high and often sleepiness is one of the symptoms. You may use Zopisign 10 pills for curing insomnia and getting better sleep at night rather than having to depend on alcohol or drugs to cause the same effects.

Stay hydrated

Lack of water may be a possible reason for invoking tiredness, and fatigue, and thus cause laziness and sleepiness to creep in. Just a few glasses of water can kickstart your brain to begin feeling more active as water is also one of the main sources of energy.

Take a break from screen time

Often being hung around in front of the TV or smartphone screens may make you feel drowsy and sleepy. For this, you have to generally be conscious about your screen time. We recommend that you do not spend much time focusing in front of the screens at least during the most important working hours of the day.

Lower your stress

Often it is stress and too much tension that may be triggering a hormonal change in your brain which may be causing you to feel sleepy during the daytime. if you are suffering from such issues a quick meditation or doing some yoga may act as a quick stress-buster remedy apart from using medicines like Artvigil 150.

Start a conversation to wake up your mind

Research often suggests that people who live alone have a secluded lifestyle or are generally introverted don’t talk much with others may feel sleepy during the daytime. To kickstart your mind you must begin communication with anyone be it an office colleague or a friend. As you begin talking your mind begins to have thoughts apart from sleepiness.

When to See a Doctor

Often the best time to see a doctor would be based on the patient’s experiencing such sleepiness tendencies during the daytime. if it reaches such a stage wherein it is hampering their daytime office work it is often a critical consideration to take help from doctors.

What Medications Are Available for People with Excessive Sleepiness?

Often if you have issues with excessive sleepiness pills such as Waklert or Modafinil are the ones that doctors may prescribe you. The dose, the exact brand, or how long your dose will continue will be under the recommendation of a doctor though.

Bottom line

So, as you can see in this article we have given you various simple ways which should be a routine of your daily lifestyle to prevent symptoms of excessive sleepiness during the daytime. And in case you are suffering from lack of sleepiness or insomnia you may try out using.