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Last Updated on April 23, 2024
Active-IngredientSildenafil Citrate
ManufacturerCenturion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time6 To 15 days

πŸ‘‰πŸ» About Cenforce 100 Mg

Cenforce 100Β  is a medication of the PDE-5 inhibitor class that contains Sildenafil Citrate as its active ingredient. Therefore, physicians prescribe Sildenafil Citrate Cenforce 100 to treat erectile dysfunction in men (ED) or impotence in men.

Centurion Laboratories produces Cenforce 100 in India. Which has been approved by the FDA for treating ED. The Cenforce 100 price is affordable, making it one of the most popular medications for erectile dysfunction.

As a result of being unable to obtain a harder erection, the patient loses confidence in Sexual Activity. As a result, the doctor prescribes Sildenafil Citrate Cenforce 100 Blue PillΒ in these cases. Cenforce is available in various dosage strengths. Taking this medicine as and when prescribed by a healthcare professional is recommended as a safe way of preserving its effectiveness.

Most patients taking Cenforce 100 report that it effectively treats ED. Sexually transmitted diseases in men can not be cured by using the medicine.

A pill like this has been available for quite some time and is a simple and effective treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. Both men and women are affected by devastating problems that are different. We would respond that impotence is the most prominent fear men have today.

The onset of this disease does not occur at a specific age for men. However, the condition may strike any individual, regardless of age or gender. A man should take care of his health daily. Men suffering from this condition are considered to be weakened at the time of their sexual activity.

In general, ‘Erectile Dysfunction‘ refers to the state in which men cannot engage in sexual activity. The experience of experiencing something of this nature is undoubtedly quite disturbing. Because of this issue, spouses have experienced disruptions in their lives.

However, technological advancements have removed the need for you to worry about this. An oral dose of Sildenafil. The active ingredient in Sildenafil is the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Uses Of Cenforce 100mg

As a result of taking these tablets, men’s libido is significantly enhanced, improving their sexual stamina and curing erectile dysfunction.

Only one excellent alternative gives men a real solution:

Connecting with their partners and having better sexual relations in bed. It is impossible to choose a better option than to select sex stimulation for a visible result Within 30 Minutes.

The tablets are available online to facilitate couples’ best possible living experience. This medication allows people to improve their sexual life without any limitations. Consult with your healthcare provider if you are considering using such ED pills. You will always be motivated towards leading a sexually active lifestyle as a result of this.

  • Treatment of minor heart conditions and impotence are common uses of this medication.
  • For the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is widely regarded as an excellent alternative to Viagra.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Medicinal Benefits

Cenforce 100 Pills contain a dosage just above the standard of 100mg. Which is the optimal dose for Generic Viagra Sildenafil? This dose would be beneficial to someone who is attempting to address mild to medium levels of ED. Besides this, the brand itself is less expensive than FDA-approved Viagra products.

Erectile dysfunction can be treated with Cenforce. It is a safe and effective drug. Men have difficulty surviving when they experience sexual pleasure. The difficulty men experience when it comes to obtaining hard erections during sex. Cenforce 100mg gives men the strength and hardness they need to erect effectively.

A man unable to meet his needs should consider taking this dose when unable to do so. There is generally a waiting period of 4-6 hours between the start and completion of the sexual process, asΒ a precaution. It would help to take the initiative to bring your prescribed dose on time. In the long run, you may pay more if you fail to take advantage of a relationship opportunity.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Directions For Use

Consult your physician regarding all medications for which you carry a glass of water and any concerns you may have regarding your health. In the case of a large meal, it may take a little longer for the pill to absorb in your body. So it may not work as quickly. As a result, it is ideal for it to eat when its stomach is empty.

To achieve the best results, this medicine should be taken at least one hour before sex since it needs to disperse in the blood to be effective. Sexual stimulation usually results in an erection Within 30 Minutes And lasts Approximately 4 Hours.

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πŸ‘‰πŸ» Side Effects Of Cenforce 100 mg

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Pain in the body
  • Vomiting
  • Depression
  • The body is swollen in some places
  • Heart issue
  • Chest pain

πŸ‘‰πŸ» In-Depth Precautions And Warning

  • It would help if you took the medicines according to the recommended dosage as Prescribed By Your Doctor.
  • It is OK to skip your next dose or take it when appropriate.
  • Don’t Increase The Dosage If You Don’t Need To.
  • If you have recently undergone a heart operation or have cardiac problems.
  • Then the doctor will inform you about your condition. These men may be at risk from taking this medication.
  • You should consult a physician while taking another medication. You experience Erectile Dysfunction in your routine.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Interaction

Drug Interactions

  • Adderall (amphetamine/dextroamphetamine).
  • Aspire 81 (aspirin).
  • Aspirin Low Strength (aspirin).
  • Cialis (tadalafil).
  • CoQ10 (ubiquinone).
  • Crestor (rosuvastatin).
  • Cymbalta (duloxetine).
  • Eliquis (apixaban).
  • Fish Oil (omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids).

Disease Interactions:

  • Renal dysfunction
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Priapism
  • Alcoholism
  • Hearing loss
  • Liver disease

Food And Beverage Interactions:

  • A drug like Cenforce 100 Tablets can potentially lower your blood pressure, and alcohol can make it worse. When you take Sildenafil with alcohol, you’re more likely to get side effects.
  • Eat or drink grapefruits and grapefruit juice in moderation if you’re taking Sildenafil. You might take longer to feel the effects of sildenafil citrate if you eat grapefruit

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Safety Advice


DrivingSAFE IF PRESCRIBEDTaking these tablets may cause dizziness or blurred vision. Avoid driving if you experience either of these symptoms.


AlcoholCAUTIONAvoid the consumption of alcohol while using this tablet. As this may worsen the side effects.


PregnancyCAUTIONThere is no indication that the ED tablet is intended for use by women.


BreastfeedingCAUTIONThis is not suitable for women.


Liver SAFE IF PRESCRIBEDPatients with severe liver disorder may be restricted from using Cenforce 100.


KidneySAFE IF PRESCRIBEDDo not use if you have kidney failure or have recently undergone a kidney transplant.


ChildrenCAUTIONNot recommended below 18 years.

Habit Forming

There is no Habit-Forming Nature To It

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

  • You should avoid consuming large amounts of grapefruits or grapefruit juice regularly if you receive therapy with Sildenafil.
  • If taking this medication, you should not drive or operate heavy equipment.

Special Advise

  • A person with hypertension, coronary disease, etc., is advised to take medication to treat those conditions. There should be caution when using Cenforce Tablets.
  • It would help if you did not take a tablet more than once per day.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Storage

The temperature in your room should not exceed 30 degrees for Cenforce 100 mg to be stored under normal conditions. However, please keep in mind that excessive heat or extreme cold should be avoided.


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Frequnetaly Asked Questions Ask New Question
When I Forget Or Miss Cenforce 100, What Should I Do?

You should not consume Cenforce 100 immediately if a person has missed a dose. However, if he forgets to take the amount until the next dose is about to come, he may skip it and continue with the next dose.

Can Women Use Cenforce 100 Legally?

There is no reason why women or children as young as 18 should consume Cenforce 100, Which is Intended Exclusively For Male Consumption.

If You Experience Any Adverse Effects, What Should You Do?

Any adverse effects, or even prolonged erections beyond the recommended duration, Should Be Reported To a Physician Immediately.

Would 100mg Seem Excessive To You?

You should avoid taking more Cenforce 100mg than you can handle. When you are excited, Do Not Take More Than One Dose At a Time.

Is There A Time When You Shouldn't Take Medicine?

Drinking Alcohol, Smoking, Consuming Nitrates, and Even Drinking Fruit Juice Is Not Recommended. Due to this, doing so can be detrimental to your health.

Cenforce Tablets Can Be Used For What Purposes?

To treat impotence, You Should Try Cenforce. To maintain powerful performance, this product ensures that hard erections are maintained.