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How Little Blue Pill’s Impact On Men’s Erections

How Little Blue Pill’s Impact On Men’s Erections
Last Updated on March 1, 2024 Published By  Dr.David Roe On 2023-08-31

Many of you may have heard of the term Blue Pill being recommended by doctors or even patients who have erection issues. As someone who is also experiencing the potential symptoms of ED you wonder what the Blue Pill and its significance is in terms of curing ED.

What Is The Little Blue Pill?

So the Little Blue Pill is a medicine brand indicating Viagra. This brand of medicine that helps eliminate impotence is by far one of the most common and known worldwide.

The reason for its popularity may stem from the fact that it is the first-ever pill of its kind to be approved by the US FDA in terms of approving medicine for getting rid of impotence. Little Blue Pill refers to the brand name Viagra. Its manufacturers are also the US-based pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

So, from now on in this article, we shall be interchangeably using the terms Viagra and Blue pills.

Viagra is the medicine that may help with its contents of Sildenafil in actually getting a strong and hard erection possible in patients reporting symptoms of ED. To put it to use for your specific purposes you need to get in touch with a doctor as otherwise it is only a prescription that can help you authorize and buy the medicines.

  • Little Blue pill or Viagra comes in various doses and it is up to the doctor’s careful administration that you will be put on the use of these medicines.
  • Blue Pill is a type of medicine that can help you to achieve erections but such actions may only last for a few hours up to a maximum of 6 hours time limit.

How Do Blue Pills Work To Cure ED?

Little Blue Pill or Viagra generic Fildena 200 will become actionable once upon intake and with the release of its generic substance Sildenafil. Sildenafil’s actions allow the blood to get rid of one specific hormonal presence which is the PDE-5 hormones.

This would also be accompanied by the release of yet another hormone which is the cGMp hormone. The release of the cGMP hormone will again trigger the release of another vital element in the erection-gaining process which is nitric oxide.

The actions of nitric oxide allow a pivotal change to occur through its exhibitions of vasodilation under whose effects the blood flow would become at ease and more preferably increase to the penis region. The action of this higher blood flow thus allows higher penis sensitivity meaning that you can finally achieve that erection by stimulating the region this time due to higher penis sensitivity.

Side Effects Of Blue Pills

Now let us consider whether there is a possibility of the Little Blue Pill causing side effects. yes, there is primarily if you misuse and take an excessive dose than the one you need.

You will usually have adverse effects that may be mild or even severe depending on the amount of excess dose taken in and your adjustability to the substance and its actions.

Mild side effects may be possible only with a light overdose such as headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, palpitations, sweating, and so on.

But other than this you may be put to even further side effects such as chest pain, spikes in blood pressure, lower libido secretions, flushing too much, numbness in the fists, blurry vision, and reductions in hearing capabilities.

How To Reduce Viagra’s Side Effects

Of course, even if you have side effects there are measures by which you can control and it even prevents the side effects from turning too severe or worse.

If you are experiencing the side effects of Little Blue Pill generic Cenforce 200, then at least avoid taking in any amounts of alcohol or narcotic substances during this time. We also recommend that you put off the use of narcotic substances.

  • As you may guess taking in such substances when you are already dealing with side effects of headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting tends to rise sharply.
  • Also during such a point, we recommend that you call the doctors and act as required or suggested by them to avoid suffering from the side effects.

How Long Does Viagra Last?

Usually, the amount of time a Viagra pill can last potentially displaying actions of erectile hardness is dependent on the dosage and the suitability of the dosage in the patient’s body.

Viagra pills depending on the smaller doses up to 50mg may last for about 4 hours. medium doses such as 100 or 120mg can potentially last at about 5 hours of peaking action time. other than this the higher doses of 150mg or 20mg have a potentially lasting time of 6 hours or even more.

The Little Blue Pill’s Impact On Men’s Erections

As we told you above, the impact of Viagra medicines is to provide a general temporary relief from the suffering from ED. if you feel like you are experiencing symptoms of ED in such a way that your sexual satisfaction or your sexual relationship with your wife is getting hampered then you may approach the doctors for a prescription for the Vidalista 80 mg yellow and use it as a means of temporarily being able to uplift your sexual life.

How To Use Viagra Permanently Cure ED?

Viagra pills may not permanently cure ED. During your dosage term, you need to set this in mind clearly and avoid any over-expectations out of your use of the medicines. A permanent cure for ED may not be possible through the use of Viagra pills. Your dosage or tenure to use the medicines very far may extend up to a few months.

Bottom Line

So as you can see in this article we have explained in detail what impact the Little Blue Pill can bring on your sexual life. Also, consider the negative aspects such as the potential side effects and contraindications before making the move to using the medicines.