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Last Updated on March 1, 2024
Active-IngredientSildenafil Citrate
ManufacturerAlpha Pharmaceuticals
Packaging10 Tablets in a strip
Delivery Time6 To 15 days

What Is Mahagra 200 Mg?

Mahagra 200 Mg is a generic brand of impotence curing medicines. This generic brand of Sildenafil can help potentially a male in getting a strong and hard sustainable erection. Sildenafil which is also known by the name of generic Viagra is the chief content of the medicines to provide you with a hard erection.

It is not that you can just go on and buy these sets of medicines. Although you will find the medicines in any known and renowned medicine shop in your locality you will have to still need approval from a doctor’s end.

Why? Because the use of the Mahagra 200 Mg pills is restricted with a prescription. You see Sildenafil Citrate is a complicated generic ingredient to cause men an erection. it is a sexual purpose to use the pill and so the user must be authenticated by the doctors first.

In this product description of the Mahagra 200 Mg pills, we are going to inform you about all that you need to know before using the medicines.

How To Uses Of Mahagra 200 Mg?

Before using any medicine you need to know the exact purpose and use of the medicine, isn’t it? so what is the use of the Mahagra 200 Mg medicines? well, it is for curing men’s erectile hardness problems so that you can achieve a hard erection easily.

Mahagra 200 Mg medicines with the generic element Sildenafil can generate actions with some hormonal change carry outs in your blood so that it helps more blood flow to complete the erection process.

But one major aspect you need to know about using medicines is that it is not for getting over ED. The effects of Sildenafil provide you only with short-term erections and thus you may have to keep using the medicine each time before having sex to get the desired erection hardness.

What Are The Benefits of Mahagra 200 Mg?

Mahagra 200 Mg is a generic brand of high in demand medicine. So this means that certainly, the patients are having some advantages as outcomes with its use. So let us find them out.

A generic brand such as Mahagra 200 Mg is going to cost you very less. And this means that it becomes much more affordable for you to continue using the medicines for a long time. of course, you may opt for US FDA variants such as Viagra but the composition in the Mahagra 200 Mg is the same, and even the actions.

Another benefit is the high dose of the Mahagra 200 Mg medicines. Although the medicine may not be suitable for all with its high dose but certainly on using it, the actions can sustain for well over 6 hours.

The Directions For Use Are As Follows:

How do you need to go about using the medicines daily? Let us find out.

The time for using the medicine will be only an hour to have sex. yes, don’t take your medicines in far too advance because this may even cause the actions of Sildenafil to diminish by the time you have sex.

Remember that each ED pills can at most give you around 5 to 6 hours of action for erectile hardness. So you need to take your medicines at an appropriate time.

The way of administration of the medicines is to swallow them. Now that is simple as most of us have taken such swallowing medicines before as well.

Side Effects Of Mahagra 200 Mg

Here are a few side effects possible with the Mahagra 200 Mg which may occur on overdosing the medicine or else if someone is allergic to the use of Sildenafil-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Priapism
  • Lower libido
  • Hazy vision
  • Low hearing senses

Contact the doctor and ask what should be done if such side effects are occurring.

Dosage Of Mahagra 200 Mg

Needless to say that the dose amount is given in the brand name itself. A dose of Mahagra 200 Mg pills will have a 200mg concentration of Sildenafil generic in each tablet.

But do you know that the Mahagra 200 Mg is also available in other dose variants? Yes, even smaller doses such as  Mahagra 25 mg, 50mg, Mahagra 100 mg, and Mahagra 150 mg are possible.


An overdose is possible either for two different reasons. one is that you have taken more pills than you should. And the other possibility is that you have taken a higher dose of the pill than you should.

Miss Dose

Try and avoid missing your doses and take them only at the right time. You can set an alarm on your phone to help assist you in remembering.

A Guide To Safety

Let us check out some of the basic health safety guidelines-


AlcoholCAUTIONAlcohol is a side effect triggering agent. The use of alcohol can trigger side effects much more quickly and also turn them severe. While avoiding the use of alcohol one should also stay away from using narcotics.


PregnancyCAUTIONThe medicine is not allowable for use in females.


BreastfeedingCAUTIONThe actions of the medicine become evident only in males and thus females are to stay away from using this medicine.


DrivingSAFE IF PRESCRIBEDGenerally, we recommend you to always reach home and have your medicines after this. taking your medicines on the road and driving a car can make you prone to road accidents.


LiverSAFE IF PRESCRIBEDGenerally, a patient with an acute liver ailment may not be recommended the use of Mahagra 200 Mg simply because of health adversities and medicinal contraindications.


KidneySAFE IF PRESCRIBEDYou may have to stop using your medicines if you already have a kidney problem. talk with your doctor and take suitable advice.


ChildrenCAUTIONNo need for use in children since it is an erection-producing medicine.

Interactions With Medicines

Yes, there are some specific medicinal brands or families of pills or even some specific medicinal compounds where Sildenafil may contraindicate producing side effects. you need to avoid intake of such medicines or else at least keep a 12-hour time gap between such medicines.

Some of them include medicines that show alpha-blocking tendencies, or medicines that contain nitrates, generally most of the medicines for curing liver, heart, and kidney ailments are not allowed.

Precautions And Warning

  • Follow the dose guidelines and find out how frequently you need to use the pills.
  • Don’t get high on alcohol or any other addictive agent for that matter.
  • Do not use any contraindicating pills with the use of Mahagra 200 Mg.
  • Avoid using the medicines if you are above 64.
  • Keep in touch with the doctors throughout your treatment term.
  • Don’t administer more than a single pill per day.


Storage of the Mahagra 200 Mg pills will need a cooler place with temperatures within 30 degrees Celsius and mild humidity only.


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Frequnetaly Asked Questions Ask New Question
What is the generic element of the Mahagra 200 Mg pills?

The generic element of the Mahagra 200 Mg pills is Sildenafil.

Where to buy?

To buy the medicines you can either opt to buy from an online website or else choose to buy it from one of your local pharmacy stores.

What to do if I have side effects?

Instantly inform your partner as she is the first person who can help you immediately. And also get in touch with your doctor.