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Opticool 10 ml

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Last Updated on February 2, 2024
Active-IngredientNaphazoline and Phenylephrine
ManufacturerENTOD Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Packaging10 ml in 1 bottle
Strength0.05% w/v and 0.12% w/v
Delivery Time6 To 15 days

What Is Opticool 10 ml?

Are you experiencing watery eyes? Do you have constant itchiness and redness in the eyes? Do you feel your eyelids are swollen? If yes, these are the signs of allergies in the eyes use Opticool 10 ml Eyedrops for Eyecare. Many people also experience itchy noses, coughing, or sneezing while suffering from eye allergies.

If you are exposed to substances such as mold spores or pollen, your eyes will become watery and itchy. Allergies in the eyes are the inflammation that results from allergic reactions to mold spores. Allergic reactions in the eyes can also be due to pollen.

If you experience signs of allergies in the eyes often, seek medical help. Your medical provider prescribes Opticool 10 ml. It is an eye drop that cures allergic diseases in the eyes. Using the medicine can also help people relieve swelling and tiredness of the eyes. People can get temporary relief from discomfort and burning in the eyes.

Uses Of Opticool 10 ml

The prime use of Opticool 10 ml is to provide temporary relief from redness and itching in the eyes. The allergies in the eyes can be due to exposure to grass, pollen, smoke, dust, and pollen. If you have minor eye allergies, using this eye drop can be effective.

This eye drop provides soothing and cooling to the eyes. As you suffer from allergies in the eyes, your eyes start to itch. At times, you see redness in the eyes which is due to itchiness. Applying the eye drop can cure allergies in the eyes effectively.

It is necessary to use the eye drop carefully to reap maximum benefits. Keep eye allergies at bay with the regular use of the eye drop.

Benefits of Opticool 10 ml

  • The supreme benefit of using Opticool 10 ml is to treat symptoms of allergies in the eyes.
  • If you experience pain, irritation, swelling, or redness in the eyes, using this eye drop will be helpful.
  • Get quick relief from a burning sensation in the eyes with the use of the effective eye drop.
  • After using this eye drop, you will feel a soothing sensation in your eyes.
  • It is necessary to use this eye drop properly to get rid of eye allergies.
  • This eye drop is a prescription-targeted medicine. Hence, buy this medicine after getting a doctor’s prescription.

The Directions For Use Are As Followed:

This eye drop is designed to treat allergies in the eyes. Use the eye drop in the proper dose and at the right time. Before using the eye drop, check the instructions on the label. Without touching the tip of the eye drop, hold the dropper close to your eyes. Gently squeeze the dropper and place the medicine in the lower portion of your eyelid. If extra liquid falls off, wipe off the eye drop.

Side Effects

  • Patients with eye allergies are likely to suffer from side effects.
  • Some common side effects that patients can come across are irritation, pain, blurred vision, and stinging sensation in the eyes.
  • Other side effects include photophobia and eye pain.
  • If any of the signs do not subside, report to your medical provider.

Dosage Of Opticool 10 ml

Patients with eye allergies may come across various dosages of Opticool 10 ml in pharmacies. Your medical practitioner will assess your eyes to know the condition of the allergy. Depending on the eye condition, a specific dose of eye drops is suggested to patients.

Taking the eye drops properly as per a doctor’s instructions is necessary. If you take the eye drop as your eye doctor instructs you, eye allergies will be treated quickly.


Do not take additional eye drops which can show adverse reactions to your eyes. In case you have taken more eye drops, consult your doctor immediately. Eye allergies may aggravate on overdosing the medicine.

Miss Dose:

In case you forget to use the eye drop, apply it whenever you recall. It is necessary to use the eye drop at a fixed time. Not using the eye drop in proper duration may not show the desired results. Try not to skip a dose of the eye drop to get optimal results.

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A Guide To Safety


Alcohol  SAFE IF PRESCRIBEDBefore using the eye drop, you should ask your doctor whether you can consume alcohol or not.


PregnancySAFE IF PRESCRIBEDThere is no report which indicates that pregnant women should not use the potent eye drop.


Breastfeeding   SAFE IF PRESCRIBEDThere is no evidence that proves that breastfeeding mothers should not have Opticool 10 ml eye drop. Ask your doctor before taking the eye drop.


DrivingCAUTIONAfter using the eye drop, it is best not to go on a drive. Taking this eye drop can cause vision issues while driving.


LiverSAFE IF PRESCRIBEDPatients with liver disease should ask a healthcare physician before using the eye drop.


Kidney  SAFE IF PRESCRIBEDKidney patients should consult with their doctors before using Opticool 10 ml.


Children  SAFE IF PRESCRIBEDChildren are advised not to use useful eye drops without consulting their doctors.

Interactions with Medicines

In case you consume any other medicines for allergies, notify your medical practitioner. If the component does not suit your eyes, stop using the medication.

Precautions and Warning

  • If you are having any other allergy medicines, inform your healthcare provider.
  • If the component does not suit you, refrain from using Opticool 10 ml.
  • It is advised not to operate a heavy machine or go on a drive after applying the eye drop.
  • If the liquid comes in contact with your eyes, wash your eyes properly with water.
  • Make use of the medicine twice a day. Using more than twice can affect the eyes.
  • Try not to blink or rub your eyes after taking the effective eye drop.
  • When you are using the eye drop, do not use contact lenses. You can wear spectacles instead of using lenses.


Store the useful eye drop under 30 degrees room temperature. It is necessary to store the eye drop away from your children’s reach. Keep the medicine for eye allergies out of reach of sunlight exposure.


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Frequnetaly Asked Questions Ask New Question
How effective is Opticool 10 ml?

The high-quality eye drop is designed for patients who have eye-related infections. The efficacious medicine helps people get quick relief from allergies in the eyes.

Can you use Opticool 10 ml every day?

People with allergies in the eyes are advised to use this effective eye drop as per the doctor's instructions.

How To Order Online?

Order Opticool 10 ml from a reputed and trusted online chemist store. Following easy steps helps you order the medicine online quickly.

Who can use Opticool 10 ml?

Medical providers advise people who have eye allergies to take the eye drop. People who deal with these eye allergies for several weeks should use this medication.

Can you purchase Opticool 10 ml without a healthcare physician's prescription?

This useful medicine is a prescription-focused drug. Hence, a prescription from a healthcare provider is essential when buying the medicine for eyes.

Can teenagers take Opticool 10 ml?

Teenagers are not advised to use this eye drop. Before using this eye drop, they should consult with their medical professionals.

How long should you use Opticool 10 ml?

People with eye allergies are advised to use the injection only for a short duration. Long-term use of this eye drop may lead to side effects.

Is Consuming alcohol allowed with Opticool 10 ml?

People with eye allergies should ditch alcohol consumption while intaking the potent medicine. By doing so, it can give rise to dizzy spells in people.