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Tastylia 80 Mg

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Last Updated on February 2, 2024
ManufacturerHealing Pharma, India
Packaging10 strips in 1 pack
Strength80 Mg
Delivery Time6 To 15 days

What Is Tastylia 80 Mg?

Men who face erection problems constantly cannot have a satisfied sexual intimacy. Erectile dysfunction has become a common sexual health problem, which innumerable men go through. ED is the condition where men fail to sustain and attain a firm erection. It is essential to have a hard penis when a man has sexual intercourse.

When men do not have a firm erection, they refrain from having sexual encounters. Not having a stiff erection during lovemaking sessions leads to an unsatisfied sexual life. Many relationships become bitter when they cannot attain and sustain a harder erection.

To help men get a harder erection, healthcare physicians prescribe Tastylia 80 mg drug. It is a potent impotence medication, which resolves erection problems in men. This impotence medicine has Tadalafil as its active component. This compound improves blood circulation in and around the penile area. Sufficient blood supply in the sex organ helps men achieve and maintain a stiff penis.

How To Use Tastylia 80 Mg

Take this Tastylia 80 mg drug with water without breaking or squashing a pill. You can take this medicine 20 or 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Take this impotence drug with food or without food. ED patients should keep in mind to use this drug at a specified time and only once a day.

What Are The Benefits Of Tastylia 80 Mg?

  • The prime benefit of using Tastylia 80 mg is to provide adequate blood supply in the genital organ.
  • Taking this impotence drug on an empty stomach or with food can decrease the risk of impotence problems.
  • Tadalafil unclogs the PDE-5 enzymes, which in turn help widen the blood vessels of the penis. When the penile blood vessels are relaxed, blood starts to circulate all over the sex organ. Proper blood supply helps the penis get an erection.
  • You get quick relief from erection problems after you take this impotence drug on time.

The Directions For Use Are As Followed:

Ingest the impotence pill at a fixed time and once a day. It is necessary to have this impotence drug either on an empty stomach or with food. Taking this impotence medication 20 minutes or half an hour before having sexual intimacy can increase the efficacy of the medicine.

Side Effects Of Tastylia 80 Mg

Side effects of Tastylia 80 mg are flushing, upset stomach, headache, dizziness, or back pain. If a side effect bothers you, give a call to your healthcare provider.

Dosage of Tastylia 80 mg

You can get different dosages of Tastylia 80 mg on our website Hotmedicineshop. Taking the right dose as per your doctor’s instructions can make the ED drug work faster.


If you intake more than one pill of ED, tell your doctor immediately. It is possible to experience side effects after using an extra pill of ED.

Miss Dose

If you have slipped your mind to take the pill of ED, take it when you recall. Make sure to ingest the missed dose before you begin your new dose.

Other Dosage

A Guide To Safety


AlcoholCAUTIONConsuming alcohol with Tastylia 80 is not recommended for ED patients. You may feel extremely dizzy from taking this medicine with alcohol.

PregnancyCAUTIONPregnant women need not take this impotence drug, as it can harm pregnancy.

BreastfeedingCAUTIONBreastfeeding mothers do not have to use this impotence drug, which can affect newborn babies.

DrivingCAUTIONMen with impotence issues are not advised to drive after consuming this impotence medicine.

LiverCAUTIONED patients who have liver disease should not ingest Tastylia 80. By doing so, it can affect the liver.

KidneyCAUTIONPatients with ED issues who also have kidney disease are not suggested to use this impotence drug.

ChildrenCAUTIONChildren who have not crossed 18 years of age should refrain from using this ED drug.

Interactions With Medicines

Interactions can take place when you have Tastylia 80 mg with other medicines. If you have other medicines, inform your healthcare provider before you start using Tastylia.

Precautions And Warning


  • If you are having any other drugs, tell your doctor in advance.
  • If the composition does not suit you, stop using this impotence medication.
  • If you have high blood pressure or high blood sugar, stop using the Tastylia 80 drug.


  • Do not use nitrates when you are taking this impotence medication.
  • Keep herbal and vitamin supplements away when you are taking Tastylia 80 mg.


Store this Tastylia 80 drug at an appropriate place. Do not keep the impotence medicine near pets or kids. It is necessary to place the ED drug in a dark and cool zone.

Frequnetaly Asked Questions Ask New Question
Is it safe to take Tastylia 80 mg tablets?

Impotent male patients can have this ED drug safely. This impotence drug has the approval of the FDA, which makes the drug safe for use.

Can you consume alcohol while taking Tastylia 80 mg?

You are not allowed to intake alcohol when you have a Tastylia drug, which will not allow the medicine to work. It is possible to go through dizziness if you take this ED pill with alcohol.

How long does Tastylia 80 mg take to work in your body?

As you swallow down the ED pill, the impotence drug will start its action within a few minutes. It is important to get sexual arousal to make the ED medicine work.

How long will Tastylia 80 mg remain in your body?

This ED drug remains in a man's body for several hours. The constituent will remain in the ED patient's body for up to many hours.

When can you stop using the Tastylia 80 mg drug?

If you start to experience side effects or allergic reactions, it would be best to stop consuming this impotence medication.

Can pregnant women take Tastylia 80 mg?

This impotence pill is not meant for pregnant women. The medication can cause toxic effects for women at the time of pregnancy.

Who is the manufacturer of Tastylia 80 mg drug?

The manufacturer of this ED medication is Healing Pharma Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the trusted pharmaceutical companies, which offers 100% original ED drugs.

Can I take Tastylia 80 mg as long as I want?

You cannot ingest this impotence drug as long as you wish. Ingesting the ED drug for a long time can show negative reactions to your health.