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Acivir Eye Ointment

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Last Updated on February 2, 2024
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What Is Acivir Eye Ointment?

Do you see red watery eyes? Do you experience severe pain in your eyes? Are you experiencing blurred vision or light sensitivity issues? If yes, the signs indicate that you suffer from eye infections caused by to herpes simplex virus. It is a viral infection that leads to a red and painful eye, for all Problems Visit Our Eye care Category or Use Acivir Eye Ointment.

Infection caused by to herpes simplex virus often affects one eye. This disease is also known as ocular herpes. It is necessary to receive immediate treatment. Failing to do so can affect your eyesight. People who have cold sores are prone to suffer from herpes simplex eye infections.

People who already have this eye infection before will likely suffer from this eye infection again. Getting treatment can save your eyesight. As you check your eyes from your healthcare provider, he will prescribe you Acivir Eye Ointment. It prevents any multiplication of viruses on the cornea. Using this medicine averts the production of new viruses. Acivir Eye Ointment clears up the infection in the best possible ways.

Uses Of Acivir Eye Ointment

The main use of Acivir Eye Ointment is to relieve patients from pain and redness in the eyes. When you start using this medication, you will get relief from the red watery, and painful eyes. The medicine starts to work in the affected eye faster.

Herpes simplex virus infection can affect a person’s eyes. If people do not receive treatment at once, it may be hazardous later. People can lose or affect their eyesight by not having the treatment on time. This effective medicine relieves patients from the infection in the eyes.

Benefits of Acivir Eye Ointment

  • Acivir Eye Ointment helps get quick recovery from the signs of eye infections.
  • After using the eye ointment, there will be no swelling, redness, or wateriness in the eyes.
  • This eye ointment will not make your eyes itch.
  • The medication eliminates the herpes simplex virus which causes eye infection.
  • Using this ointment will avert the growth of the virus in the eyes.
  • Patients can execute their daily activities with ease after using the eye ointment.
  • To reap the most benefit, use the ointment as it is prescribed to you.

The Directions For Use Are As Followed:

Keep in mind that Acivir eye ointment should be used externally. Make sure to take the medicine in the proper dose and duration as a doctor tells you. If needed, check the instruction label to know how to use the ointment. Without touching the top of the tube, hold the tube near the affected eye. Squeeze the tube gently and apply the medicine to the lower portion of the eyelid.

Side Effects

  • Patients may experience side effects.
  • Certain side effects that patients may come across are a stinging sensation in the eyes and redness in the eyes.
  • Get in touch with a doctor if any of the side effects bother you.

Dosage Of Acivir Eye Ointment

Patients with eye infections can come across several dosages of Acivir in pharmacies. A medical provider will check your eyes to know the condition of the infection. A doctor will suggest you a specific dose of eye ointment after knowing the eye condition.

Do not skip using the ointment in the eyes all of a sudden. Keep using the Acivir eye ointment as long as it is prescribed to you. Ask your medical provider how many times you need to apply this ointment.


Ensure to use a small amount of the ointment in the affected eye. Do not alter the dose of the ointment without consulting your medical provider. In case you have overdosed on the medicine, inform your doctor at once. Overdosing the eye ointment may lead to side effects. You may experience a burning and stinging sensation while on overdosing the medicine.

Miss Dose:

Do not forget to miss out on a dose of the eye ointment. In case it happens, apply the medicine as soon as possible. If you miss out on a dose, you may not get relief from an eye infection. Therefore, it is important to use the ointment as your doctor instructs you.

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A Guide To Safety


Alcohol  SAFE IF PRESCRIBEDAsk your healthcare provider if you can consume alcohol while using the eye ointment.


PregnancySAFE IF PRESCRIBEDPregnant women need to consult with their medical providers before using the ointment in the eyes.


Breastfeeding   SAFE IF PRESCRIBEDMothers who are breastfeeding their babies need to ask their doctors before applying the ointment.


DrivingCAUTIONIt would be best not to drive after using the ointment in your eyes. Rest your affected eye after applying the ointment.


LiverSAFE IF PRESCRIBEDPatients with liver disease should seek advice from a doctor before applying the eye medicine.


Kidney  SAFE IF PRESCRIBEDKidney patients should also seek medical advice before using eye medicine.


Children  SAFE IF PRESCRIBEDChildren who are below 18 years of age need to ask permission from a doctor to use this eye ointment.

Interactions With Medicines

Patients who are allergic to the constituents of the medicine can stop using the eye Ointment. If you already have any other eye ointments, notify your medical provider. In case you take any other drugs, tell your healthcare provider about them.

Precautions And Warning

  • Apply the ointment carefully to the eyes. Make sure that the ointment should not come in close contact with your mouth.
  • Apply the ointment to the eyes five times a day.
  • clear in mind not to apply the ointment before bedtime.
  • Keep using the ointment at least for three days. In case your eye infection does not heal in three days, continue using it.
  • While you are applying the ointment, do not use eye lenses.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap after using the ointment.


Store the eye medicine under 25-degree room temperature. Keep the eye medicine out of reach of sunlight exposure and kids. Keeping the eye medicine in a cool and dry zone is necessary.


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Frequnetaly Asked Questions Ask New Question
How effective is Acivir Eye Ointment?

The top-quality eye ointment is designed to treat herpes simplex virus infection in the eyes. The efficacious eye ointment helps people get relief from pain connected to eye infections.

Can you use Acivir Eye Ointment every day?

Healthcare physicians advise patients to use the eye ointment in the eyes with the proper dose and duration.

How To Order Online?

Order Acivir Eye Ointment from an extremely reliable online drugstore. Follow some easy steps to help you order eye ointment online quickly.

Who can use Acivir Eye Ointment?

Medical professionals suggest people use eye ointment when they suffer from herpes simplex virus infection in the eye. Using this ointment is safe for the eyes.

Can you purchase Acivir Eye Ointment without a healthcare physician's prescription?

This useful eye ointment is a prescription-targeted medication. Hence, a prescription from an eye specialist is important while buying the medicine.

Can teenagers take Acivir Eye Ointment?

Before using eye ointment, teenagers should consult with a doctor. This eye ointment may not be suitable for teenagers.

How long should you use Acivir Eye Ointment?

Eye specialists will tell patients to use the eye ointment only for a short while. Long-term use of the ointment may create side effects.

Is Consuming alcohol allowed with Acivir Eye Ointment?

It would be best to ask a healthcare physician about using eye ointment while consuming alcohol.