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Is Anxiety Related To Sexual Performance?

Is Anxiety Related To Sexual Performance
Last Updated on February 2, 2024 Published By  Henry James On 2023-12-07

What Is Sexual Performance Anxiety?

Sexual performance anxiety is the feeling of being anxious and stressed when you are not having the same sort of intimacy with your partner. It is generally occurring as you are leading a troubled sexual life which could be either because of your age, or else due to any of your existing sexual disorders.

Sexual performance and anxiety could be a reason for age-old males who are not as sexually active. As we age, males suffer from a reduction in sexual drive and intimate thoughts. These could lead to suffering from anxiety solely because of not being able to express yourself sexually in bed.

Becoming old also causes trouble sexually as your sexual potency also reduces. You are not able to achieve erections hard or consistently enough, or not able to achieve orgasm which makes you feel that you have become sexually incapable of satisfying your sexual lust and desire.

But there is another reason why males may suffer from sexual performance anxiety too and that is due to suffering from any sexual disorder. Sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation could be reasons why males are not able to have desirous sex.

ED or erectile dysfunction refers to the issues of males not being able to achieve a strong and hard erection and stability. As you can think it reduces their abilities to have penetrating sex with their partner. However, having this sexual issue does not put an end to your sexual life. You can still consult with the doctors to use medicines such as Fildena 150 mg to try and get rid of this issue.

Another sexual disorder that could be the reason behind your anxiety and trouble over sexual performance is premature ejaculation. With this issue, you will ejaculate much too early not being able to satisfy your sexual desire and thoughts. Again, there are medicines such as Tadapox that may help cure this issue.

What Causes Performance Anxiety?

Sexual performance anxiety could occur due to reasons as we have explained above. As you have some idea about this topic now, age is certainly a factor. According to studies it has been found that those males who are above the age of 40 become less attractive for having sex. Age also creeps up sexual disorders such as ED or PE as explained in the above section.

There is no doubt that if you are having such issues you will be the first to be able to recognize its symptoms. So make no further delays in consulting with the doctors and adopting suitable remedies such as the use of medicines like Vidalista 80 mg to try and cure the situation and improve your sexual life.

Symptoms Of Sexual Performance Anxiety

Now, it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of sexual performance anxiety. This way you will be able to truly understand whether the anxiety that you are facing is related to your sexual life.

See, as for the symptoms there is not much of a difference as to those which you would experience when you are anxious generally. Some of the major symptoms of suffering from sexual performance anxiety include fear of having sex, being less intimate with your partner, palpitations, hot flashes, numbness in the palms, showing signs of nervousness, being restless, sweating profusely, and so on.

Treatment Options For Sexual Performance Anxiety

Of course, there are various treatment measures to cure your sexual performance anxiety issues. Some of those have been discussed below. Although you may be tentative to search for the remedies there is a critical thing that you need to understand before we move on any further.

Many times it is seen that due to cultural reasons, or reasons of social stigma, or considering discussions of sex as a sexual men would often neglect to consult with a proper healthcare professional.

You need to overcome such mental challenges and social stigma if you are to regain your sexual efficiency. Let us check out some of how you can cure sexual performance anxiety.


Of course, there are various therapy measures to try and reduce your sexual performance anxiety issues. One of the most commonly recommended remedies by therapists is acupuncture therapy. This therapy includes enhancing the flow of blood through your blood vessels to ensure that you can gain hard erections and continue having sex longer. It is believed that putting pressure on certain trigger points in your body could help you to rejuvenate your mind and be engaged more physically in being intimate with your partner as well.

Apart from acupuncture therapy, there are some other herbal therapies too. Such treatment methods include the use of herbal supplements such as horny goat weed, and Chinese red ginseng to ensure that there is a reduction in your sexual anxiety.


Of course, medicines are helping you to reduce your anxiety over lack of sexual performance. If you are suffering from any sexual disorder such as ED you can easily refer to the doctors for trying to use medicines such as Cenforce 100 mg that can help in ensuring a strong and hard penis erection during your intimate moments.

Apart from these, there are medicines available for curing PE as a disorder too. Various medicinal substances such as Dapoxetine and Fluoxetine are available in their branded versions to provide you with a better orgasm and a longer ejaculating time.


Another way to curb sexual performance anxiety is by counseling with a professional. Here the idea is to discuss the challenges and the anxiety symptoms that you usually face with your dissatisfied sexual life. Such a healthcare professional will listen deeply to you and inform you of ways to overcome such challenges without the use of any medicine.

Sexual counseling of couples is aimed at finding out ways of satisfying sexually one another even when you are being too anxious. It helps you to find ways to be more relaxed and discover the lost sexual pleasures among couples. Sex therapy or sexual counseling are some of the means here.

Avoid Alcohol And Drugs

Of course, as a last resort to overcoming your sexual performance anxiety issues, you need to withdraw your dependence on the use of addictive substances such as alcohol and drugs. Doctors have revealed that such substances over time only cause you to become more depressed and suffer from the symptoms of anxiety.

Bottom Line

So, as you can see in this article we have briefly given you an idea about sexual performance anxiety. We have also informed you about the numerous ways that such challenges can be recovered from. Remember that if you want to use medicines such as Vidalista Black 80mg it should come only on the advice of a doctor only.